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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Love your services, and friendly atmosphere!  - Todd Alvey


Barb was very friendly and gave me a tour of the new place. Your new hygeinist, can't remember her name, was wonderful as well, ears like a hawk, and was one step ahead. Well and then you have Jeff and Monica, two of my favorite people, always a good time to see you all. Thanks for all your help. Josh and I really enjoy our visits.  – Kristine Brock


This was a top-notch visit. It was refreshing to have someone look you in the eye, give you options and take the time to explain them. – Scott Carter


Our family decided last night to move over to Dr. Roth. I will be making appointments and transferring records shortly. Thanks for putting a sense of Hospitality back into the patient/doctor relationship!  - Scott Carter


Thanks! It is great to have you work with me, my financial situation and my work schedule! The fact that the children can walk from school and you welcome them so warmly is a wonderful thing!  We give your office staff an A+.  – Maggie Deal


I personally love going to Dr. Roth, he is really nice, and funny, and he is excellent at what he does.  – Crystalyn Gillard


So happy I made the switch to your office - thanks for your thorough exam and tooth care education.  – Jennifer Hawley


You guys are the best! May your family be blessed.  Happy Holidays!  - Jack Hegdahl


You and your team did a really good job.  I wish there could be more Dr's like yourself.  – Sebastian Paul


You guys are a great place to go to! I don't have any complaints and recommend you to everyone I know. I hope more people head your way! Thanks!!  - Tessica Sherbourne


I think it was fantastic!  You guys do a great job and I loved it!!  - Dulce Torres


Thank you again!  You really changed my life  - Matt Wyneken


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