Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Hailey, ID

If you have severe tooth pain, there is a chance that you may need a root canal. Root canal therapy is something most people have heard about and is described as a fear for people. Luckily, an actual root canal is nothing to fear. Dr. Jeffrey Roth in Hailey, ID, is here to explain what a root canal is and how one can save your smile.

How A Root Canal Can Relieve Your Tooth Pain

Root Canal Therapy Hailey ID

The inside of your tooth is also known as the pulp of the tooth. When the pulp becomes injured or infected, it will cause pain and irritation unless it’s removed. Some common causes of infection are:

  • Decay due to an untreated cavity.
  • A crack in the tooth.
  • An injury to the tooth.

Some common symptoms you may experience are swelling of the gums, pain in the tooth, or the feeling of warmth around the tooth. To save the tooth, your dentist will have to remove the infected pulp inside so that the infection doesn’t spread.

First, your dentist will numb the affected area. Then, your dentist will use a special tool to make a small opening to get into the tooth. Once the infected pulp is removed, they will seal off the tooth with a material called gutta-percha. The experience will end by using a sealant to close up the opening on the top of the tooth. Once your tooth heals, your pain will be gone and your tooth will be fully functional again.

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Tooth pain isn’t something that you should ignore. If you’re dealing with tooth pain, the only way to relieve it may be to get a root canal. Be sure to contact Dr. Jeffrey Roth in Hailey, ID, to learn more about root canals and if your smile is in need of a root canal.

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